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There are many ways I am able to help you, but I have given some examples below.


Replace anxious thoughts and stress with calmness, and confidence. Counselling and Hypnotherapy for anxiety will help you to feel in control again.


Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help with sugar addiction, binge drinking, gambling, impulse shopping, and nail-biting. Make healthy choices again.


Do you have feelings of not being good enough? Are you neglecting your own needs? Deeper therapy and/or hypnosis can help you to accept yourself.


Clients discover that quit smoking hypnosis changes their feelings and responses regarding smoking fundamentally.


Better sleep with hypnosis. Relax, unwind, get the good quality sleep you need to be healthy, and fully functioning during the day.


Hypnosis is an effective way to overcome fears and phobias, like fear of flying, dogs, spiders, enclosed spaces, injections and more.

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy
Deb Challacombe, UKCP Accredited

You probably just want to know whether I can help you.

It’s likely that I can.  I have a passion for my work and it’s wonderful to see people change and grow, whatever the originating problem.  I’ve been working therapeutically for twenty years now and I know therapy can be, and is, absolutely life-changing.

My early training and experience includes NLP, CBT, EMDR, and a background in Ericksonian hypnosis.  These are all useful ways of helping with the effects of trauma, anxiety and other problems.

I then did four years post-graduate training to become a psychotherapist with the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy.  I’d describe myself as Integrative and Solutions-Focused, as I’m trained in many different approaches.  You can find out more, if you wish, on the qualifications page.

I’m flexible about using different mediums, whether online, ‘phone or face-to-face if you’re able to visit my office in the Charente-Maritime, France. The most important thing is that I can work with you in the way that works best ​for you.

If you have any questions which aren’t answered on the FAQ section, I’m happy for you to email me at: and I’ll respond quickly


Covid19 Information:

Please ‘phone or email me if you’d like a consultation face-to-face, to discuss the latest protocols. My office has space for social distancing without compromising ourselves. 

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