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Many psychotherapists come into the profession after pursuing careers in other areas, and all of us will have received our own counselling or psychotherapy as part of our overall training and personal development.


My own route began in busy NHS dentistry practices in the 1990s, where little time was available to help relax anyone extremely nervous of treatment, and so I decided to research what else might help my patients quickly and effectively.


If you look at the qualifications section, you’ll see that there are some hypnosis ones there. Through gaining my qualifications in clinical hypnosis, I learned new, conversational ways of helping others to overcome their anxieties. I also learned so much more about how the mind and the body are interconnected systems.
This interconnection of our systems is also a theme which runs through any resources you might choose to look at. Therefore you will find on this site, links to other places of interest, and self-help in areas such as meditation and breathing.


Discovering that positive changes in people can take place rapidly, and, more importantly, stay changed, even when there have been complex issues, was the impetus to continue psychotherapy training. Learning is lifelong, and we all influence one another, whether we know it consciously or not. What we choose to learn is up to us.


There are many ways I am able to help you, but I have given some examples below.


Replace anxious thoughts and stress with calmness, and confidence. Counselling and Hypnotherapy for anxiety will help you to feel in control again.


Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help with sugar addiction, binge drinking, gambling, impulse shopping, and nail-biting. Make healthy choices again.


Do you have feelings of not being good enough? Are you neglecting your own needs? Deeper therapy and/or hypnosis can help you to accept yourself.


Clients discover that quit smoking hypnosis changes their feelings and responses regarding smoking fundamentally.


Better sleep with hypnosis. Relax, unwind, get the good quality sleep you need to be healthy, and fully functioning during the day.


Hypnosis is an effective way to overcome fears and phobias, like fear of flying, dogs, spiders, enclosed spaces, injections and more.

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