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I use Skype software for video and phone, as it’s free to use, and is easy to download and begin talking. This keeps costs down as well.

You may feel that talking without you using the video, removes some of the worries; this can help to reduce any problems with embarrassment or anxiety. If you feel comfortable with me later, you can always choose to turn the video on; it’s up to you. I tend to have the video on my end, so you can see me and my responses to you. However, I can also talk to you without it, if you wish, in which case it’s just like using the ‘phone.

When you first go to see a therapist, it can be a time of some anxiety and a leap into the unknown. Talking to a stranger in face –to- face therapy about personal issues sometimes can feel worse than the problem itself, and it’s possible this might stop you getting the help you need when it could be the best time to do so.

So being able to stay unseen by the therapist - having this choice, for some clients can enable them to deal with problems sooner than they would normally do so and find help faster. It’s generally accepted by all therapists, that entering therapy in the early stages of any personal difficulty, will allow for faster results and less time needed in therapy, than leaving the problem for longer.

Having tried therapy on Skype, a lot of clients will say something like, “I wish I’d done this sooner, now I know how to move on/sort things out/feel better about myself.”



Another way of working through issues is via email. Taking time to write down what may have been troubling you is therapeutic, and being able to see exactly what you’ve said and how I’ve responded to it, provides a useful timeline of how things have changed for you over a few weeks. A lot of people like to work this way, and that time enables you to think about your feelings, choices and new understandings, without any pressure to speak about it.

I use Safe-mail for your extra security, which is free, and easy to use: the link is You just choose a user name and password, which means that nobody else can gain access to your emails.

My email address there is: You can also contact me there if you need to make a really secure enquiry.

When we agree to work via emails, you can write to me any time over that week, and you receive my response to it by midnight on a set day, normally a Thursday. Clients say it feels reassuring to know on exactly which day to expect my email, but have the freedom to write when they want. For example, you could send your email up until midnight on the Wednesday before I’m due to respond, knowing to check your inbox on Thursday.



This can be helpful in a variety of instances, especially if you’re adept at texting; most people now are familiar with the process.  Its common practice these days to text someone rather than ‘phone them, for example.

If we work this way, this is also usually done on Skype. If you prefer, I can respond with my voice to your texting on Skype, so that you quickly hear my response to your words on the screen.

If there are any unforeseen technical problems with voice or video, we can also switch in session to using text, either on Skype, or another medium such as Messenger, if necessary.

Whichever method you prefer, you can be flexible with your choice. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, then you can choose from booking a single session to different combinations of sessions. You do not pay anything until we’ve agreed how you want to proceed!


There are many ways I am able to help you, but I have given some examples below.


Replace anxious thoughts and stress with calmness, and confidence. Counselling and Hypnotherapy for anxiety will help you to feel in control again.


Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help with sugar addiction, binge drinking, gambling, impulse shopping, and nail-biting. Make healthy choices again.


Do you have feelings of not being good enough? Are you neglecting your own needs? Deeper therapy and/or hypnosis can help you to accept yourself.


Clients discover that quit smoking hypnosis changes their feelings and responses regarding smoking fundamentally.


Better sleep with hypnosis. Relax, unwind, get the good quality sleep you need to be healthy, and fully functioning during the day.


Hypnosis is an effective way to overcome fears and phobias, like fear of flying, dogs, spiders, enclosed spaces, injections and more.

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